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In addition to our world-class research laboratories and research centers, including:

Each department has research and project-based facilities set up where students learn important principles about teamwork, engineering, and project management – as well as getting their hands dirty.

Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology

Advanced Structures and Composites Center – Off Shore Wind Lab


Forest Bioproducts Research Institute

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Soils Lab

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lunar Habitat

Mechanical EngineeringCrosby Hall

  • Computer Cluster Laboratory
  • Parts and Supply Laboratory
  • Composite Materials Laboratory
  • Controls and Mechatronics Laboratory
  • Sounding Rockets Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics, Offshore Platform Laboratory
  • Capstone Design Laboratory
  • Hosmer Design Studio
  • CNC Machines Laboratory/Shop
  • Ultrasonics Research Laboratory
  • Fume Hood Room/Laboratory
  • Smart Materials/Artificial Muscles Laboratory
  • Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
  • Advanced Robotics/Robotic Surgery Laboratory
  • Thermal Sciences,Turbojet and Wind Tunnel Laboratory
  • Rehabilitation, Neuromuscular and Bio- Robotics (ReNeu) Laboratory
  • MEE341/MEE442/MEE443 MechLabs Laboratory
  • Materials and Fatigue Testing Laboratory
  • Dynamics and Vibrations Laboratory

Advanced Manufacturing Center

  • Remote Structural Monitoring Laboratory
  • Materials Testing/Shaker Table Laboratory
  • Blue Giant Materials Testing System Laboratory
  • Cell Mechanics and Tissue Manufacturing Laboratory
  • Biomechanics and Head Injury Laboratory

Wireless Sensor Building

  • LUNAR Habitat-Wireless Sensing Laboratory (jointly with ECE dept)

Biomedical Engineering Lab

School of Engineering TechnologySurveying Engineering Technology

  • Optical Surveying Equipment Lab
  • GPS Surveying Equipment Lab
  • Surveying Computer Lab
  • ACSM-NES Photogammetry Lab

Electrical Engineering Technology

  • Digital Systems Lab
  • Analog Systems Lab
  • Power Systems Lab
  • Industrial Automation Lab
  • Fluid Power Lab
  • Control Systems Lab

Mechanical Engineering Technology:

  • Engineering Materials Laboratory
  • Industrial Vibrations Laboratory

Power Systems Lab














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