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ONLINE Engineering Courses – Fall 2014

Take engineering courses from anywhere – home or office.  Don’t let geography stop you from furthering your engineering education. The College of Engineering at the University of Maine is offering online engineering courses from accredited engineering programs for the FALL 2014 semester.

Check Maine Street  for more information on current online courses.

Course Class Section
CHE 461 Combustion and Fuel Processing 87637 0201-LEC
ECE 498 Selected Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Topic: Project Mgmt & Systems Eng
82140 0288-IND
ECE 543 Microelectronic Devices I 86831 0990-LEC
ECE 571 Advanced Microprocessor-Based Design 86834 0990-LEC
ECE 573 Microprogramming 83333 0990-LEC
EET 460 Renewable Energy and Electricity Production 82756 0288-LEC
EET 498 Selected Topics in Electrical Engineering Technology
Topic: Alternative Energy Seminar
81950 0288-IND
GEE 486  Advanced Project Management 82372 0288-LEC
MEE 445  Aeronautics 86771 0288-LEC
SVT 325 Surveying/Engineering Ethics 83235 0999-LEC
SVT 501 Advanced Adjustment Computations 93707 0990-LEC
SVT 511 Geodetic U.S. Public Land Survey Computations 93717 0990-LEC

Click here for the Professional Science Masters in Engineering & Business – online

HOW TO SIGN UP: The following information is needed for off-campus students. ONLINE Engineering Courses are only for off-campus, practicing engineers – not for  regular UMaine on-campus undergraduates and graduate students. Make sure you indicate MATEC-Brunswick on the location of the online courses for proper sign up.

Permission: Students should contact Dean, Dana Humphrey for permission to register for online courses.

Register for Online Classes: Please contact the Continuing Education office at 207-581-3143 for an appointment or to ask questions about your academic plan.  The CED office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

NON-DEGREE STUDENTS: Students who ARE NOT admitted to our graduate school should register as non-degree students. Go online for more information on ways to register, including online registration:

ADMITTED STUDENTS: Students who ARE admitted to our graduate school will have been issued a Maine Street ID/password and should register online through Maine Street after consulting with their graduate advisor.  Apply to graduate school:

DELIVERY TECHNOLOGY:  Adobe Connect Pro.  This allows the course to be received on any computer with a high speed internet connection.  Students can text message instructor during class, ask questions, and if student’s computer has a camera, the instructor will be able to see them.  No software is needed for the receiving computer – it is all web based.  Although this is a synchronous course and students are expected to attend during the class time, the lectures will be recorded so that students can watch them at a later time.  Adobe Connect is used unless noted for each course.

PDH Credits -Take engineering courses from UMaine Engineering. One credit hour counts for 45 PDHs. For more information, consult the Maine Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers online.

TUITION & FEES: (including: $125 unified fee, and $75 engineering fee): for 3 credits

UNDERGRADUATE level and under 500

  • NON-DEGREE & UNDERGRADUATE students are charged undergraduate tuition
    Maine residents: $1037.00
    Non-residents: $2825.00
  • ADMITTED to our graduate school are charged graduate tuition
    Maine residents: $1494.00
    Non-residents: $4170.00

500-level and above GRADUATE TUITION will be charged for both Non-degree and degree students.

  • Maine residents: $1494.00
  • Non-residents: $4170.00

For more information on the tuition and fees at the University of Maine, go online to the Bursar’s Office.

QUESTIONS? Contact Dana Humphrey
Dean of Engineering, University of Maine
Phone: 207-581-2217 / Fax: 207-581-2220
Mailing Address: 5796 AMC Building, Room 200, Orono, Maine 04469-5796


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