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Prospective Students

Engineer Your Future at the College of Engineering at the University of Maine!
Engineers are changing the world all of the time! Engineers create innovative and practical solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges and they work with other smart, inspiring people to invent, design and build things that matter and make a difference.

Can you see yourself doing some of these jobs?

  • Design and build aerospace modules to explore space.
  • Protect the planet by developing state-of-the-art water systems
  • Design high-tech cell phones and mp3 players
  • Create cutting-edge animation for video games, TV & Movies
  • Develop life-saving medical technology to detect early  brain tumors
  • Build bomb-proof structures to protect soldiers in war zones
  • Invent a new sensor that can detect pollution in our drinking water
Taurus Launch System



At UMaine Engineering, we have a proud engineering history dating back to 1865 when some of the first graduates of the University of Maine were engineering students… just like you. Today, UMaine Engineering enjoys over 149 years of engineering excellence and is Maine’s only educational institution to offer 11 engineering and engineering technology degree programs. Our reputation is known around the world, our facilities are world-class, and combined with the great value and the outstanding location – UMaine is the right choice.

Applicant Categories

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions processes applications for the following types of domestic students:

  • Freshman: A graduating high school student (regardless of number of college credits taken while in high school) or a high school graduate or GED recipient who has attempted fewer than 12 college credits after graduation and is applying to a four-year bachelor’s degree program.
  • Transfer: A high school graduate or GED recipient who has enrolled as a full-time degree student or who has attempted 12 or more credits of college study and is applying to a four-year bachelor’s degree program.Click here to learn more about credit evaluations and the transfer process.

Build Robots to perform life-saving surgery!

Apply to UMaine

Here you’ll find two easy ways to apply. Whether it’s the Common App or the University of Maine System online application site, UMaine makes applying easy for you.

Detailed information about applying can be found here.

Dates and Deadlines

UMaine does rolling admissions, so technically, there isn’t one, but we do suggest filing your application by Feb. 1 so you’ll be in the best position to receive an admission decision in time for full consideration for financial aid and housing.

Early Action: December 15th

Regular Admissions: February 1st (Recommended)

Transfer: May 1st (Recommended)

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about UMaine? We’re here to provide answers. Whether it’s about academic or campus life, visit our FAQ section to learn more about studying and living at UMaine.

The College of Engineering at the University of Maine is the sole institution in Maine to offer 11 engineering and engineering technology majors and full M.S. and Ph.D. program. Discover the UMaine Advantage! Visit us and explore the campus and our world-class laboratories. Schedule a tour! Check out our scholarship opportunities, honors program, 5-Year MBA program, student groups and competitive teams!

Learn about engineering and engineering technology fields. Find out how cooperative education (work for credit) can help you experience first-hand different engineering careers and build your resume too!

Contact us for more information:

Mohamad Musavi
Associate Dean
Advanced Manufacturing Center
Room 205
Orono, Maine 04469
phone: 207-581-2218
fax: 207-581-2220


Study Renewable Energy in Cutting Edge Facilities

UMaine’s Off-Shore Wind Testing Lab – Study renewable energy at UMaine!

Discover the next bioengineering breakthrough.





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