Current Students

Dear College of Engineering Undergraduate:
I share your disappointment in not having you back on campus.  Nonetheless, it is critical that you remember the long term value of an engineering degree even in these uncertain times.  The critical thinking and problem solving skills, combined with the technical knowledge, that are part of all our engineering and engineering technology degrees is, and will continue to be, of great value.  So keep your eye on the prize even as we cope with significant turmoil in our personal and professional lives.  
I hope that you are adjusting to taking your courses using distance technology.  Engineering faculty have been working overtime for the last 1.5 weeks to get ready.  I know that I greatly appreciate their hard work.  I hope you do to.  I ask for your understanding if things don’t go perfectly for the first few days.  Your instructors will welcome your feedback.  Also, feel free to email me at: with your questions and concerns.
The University released special undergraduate pass/fail protocols for the Spring 2020 semester.  To help guide you on whether to switch to a pass/fail grading option or stick with a traditional letter grade, the College of Engineering leadership has prepared the attached FAQ.  This document also contains links to the University Spring 2020 P/F policy and a University-wide FAQ.  Please consult these documents before switching one or more of your courses to pass/fail.  If you still have questions after reading these documents, please check with your faculty advisor.
Finally, keep your eye on the prize, a B.S. degree in engineering or engineering technology!  This is your ticket to the future.
Additional information can be found here:

Pass-Fail FAQ for COE Undergraduates

Welcome. We have gathered links for sites and other useful information for current students.

Please click here for information on College of Engineering change of major policies.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Niya Bond, Academic Advising & Internship Coordinator, 207.581.2249 or