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Guidance for College of Engineering Students on Class Attendance for Face-to-Face Classes/Labs and the In-Person Portion of Hybrid Classes/Labs in Spring 2021
College of Engineering
UPDATED 12/08/2020
College of Engineering students are expected to physically attend classes/labs that are in-person as well as the in-person portion of hybrid classes/labs. The exceptions are:

  1. Students with a medical condition documented by UMaine Student Accessibility Services that puts them at risk for attending F2F classes in a COVID-19 environment (
  2. Students who have tested positive for COVID-19, have another illness, or otherwise feel unwell; and
  3. Students who have been quarantined because of exposure to COVID-19 as documented by the University, a doctor or other medical professional.

For the situations described above, your engineering instructor will work with you to accommodate these circumstances and help you to meet the learning objectives of the course.

If you are ill or otherwise don’t feel well [Situation (ii)], you should not attend class. You are encouraged to obtain documentation from the University, doctor, or other medical professional; however, this may not always be possible. Engineering instructors have been encouraged to be understanding in this circumstance. Given that situations (ii) and (iii) may develop rapidly, documentation, even in circumstances where it can be obtained, may not be available until after the missed class/lab meeting(s).

If you have circumstances other than described above that will prevent you from attending class/lab in person, please consult with the class/lab instructor to see if your needs can be accommodated.

Undergraduate Pass/Fail Protocols - Fall 2020

FAQ for Undergraduate Students in the College of Engineering

Updated: 12-11-2020

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This FAQ addresses issues that are specific to undergraduate and graduate engineering and engineering technology students. This should be used in conjunction with the University Fall
2020 Grading and Academic Policy Changes.