Professional Science Masters in Engineering and Business

Online courses to meet the needs of busy professionals.

The Professional Science Masters (PSM) in Engineering and Business is intended for students who have a B.S. in engineering or engineering technology who want to advance into management positions.  The degree combines advanced engineering and business courses with applied field experience.  The applied field experience integrates the new skills learned by the student with their needs and the needs of their employer.

The online degree uses Blackboard, Kaltura, and Zoom.  Blackboard houses course information such as syllabus, homeworks, handouts, etc. and links to mp4 files of lectures that are housed on Kaltura to be viewed any time.  Zoom is the medium where students interact with the instructor “live” either in a classroom or office hours setting. Obviously email interaction is also a means of instructor/student interaction.

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Student Testimonials

“As I continued to grow, both personally and professionally, I had long been contemplating graduate school. I had researched the programs at Universities in my area and just could not put the time and travel together to make things work. The University of Maine’s, Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree allowed me to expand my resources and body of knowledge for relevant business, project management and advanced surveying and engineering topics. The Professors were excellent in conveying the expectations of the program, and course material utilizing different media and technology. I am very thankful for this opportunity and will always feel a part of the University of Maine family.” – Ambrose Gmeiner, PSM 2016

Hilary-Henry-PSM“The PSM degree was the perfect option for my graduate studies. As an engineering manager, it is important to stay current with technology and to understand business.   The PSM offered both and all the courses were on-line so I was able to continue to work full-time and complete my degree.  I worked closely with my advisor, Dr. Abedi, from the Electrical Engineering department and he was able to easily adapt to my needs as a distance student.  Dr. Abedi helped me set up an internship project and provided excellent advice as I worked to meet the needs of the company and the University requirements for a successful internship.  It was a comprehensive and challenging program and I am very pleased to be the first to complete the PSM at UMaine.” – Hilary Henry ’94, PSM 2013

For Additional Information on the PSM, contact:

Dana N. Humphrey, Ph.D., P.E.
Dean of Engineering
College of Engineering
Telephone: 207-581-2217


Computer Engineering Concentration

  • ECE 573 – Microprogramming
  • ECE 574 – Cluster Computing
  • ECE 577 – Fuzzy Logic
  • ECE 571 – Advanced Microprocessor-Based Design

Wireless Engineering Concentration

  • ECE 498 – Special Topics is ECE – Microwave Engineering
  • ECE 515 – Random Variables and Stochastic Processes
  • ECE 585 – Fundamentals of Wireless Communications
  • ECE 550 – Electromagnetic Theory

Electrical Engineering Concentration

  • ECE 444 – Analog Integrated Circuits
  • ECE 515 – Random Variables and Stochastic Processes
  • ECE 543 – Microelectronic Devices I
  • ECE 550 – Electromagnetic Theory

Structures/Engineering Mechanics Concentration

  • CIE/MEE 480: Wind Energy Engineering
  • CIE 648: Fracture Mechanics
  • CIE 545: Structural Dynamics
  • CIE/MEE 549: Numerical Methods in Engineering
  • CIE 643: Advanced Steel Design

Surveying Engineering Concentration – ONLINE

  • SIE 509 – Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • SVT 501 – Advanced Adjustment Computations
  • SVT 511 – Geodetic U.S. Public Land Survey Computations
  • SVT 512 – Advanced Boundary Law
  • SVT 531 Advanced Digital Photogrammetry
  • SVT 532 – Survey Strategies in Use of Lidar
  • SVT 541 – Geodesy

Five Tracks are currently offered, one online and four offline:

  1. Computer Engineering – offline
  2. Wireless Engineering – offline
  3. Electrical Engineering – offline
  4. Structures/Engineering Mechanics – offline
  5. Surveying Engineering – online

Online Courses for the PSM:

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Check Maine Street to find out more about each course.

Expected course schedule
Summer 2017 – BUA 400, BUA 620, BUA 645, BUA 668
Fall 2017 – BUA 601, BUA 605, BUA 645, BUA 651, ECE 498, ECE 515, ECE 543, ECO 410, GEE 486, GEE 694, MEE 446, SIE 509, SVT 501, SVT 511
Spring 2018 – BUA 609, BUA 626, BUA 645, BUA 649, ECE 444, ECE 498, ECE 550, ECE 571, ECE 574, ECE 577, GEE 694, MEE 548, SVT 512, SVT 532, SVT 541
Note: Students should check the University of Maine Graduate Catalog to ensure that they have the necessary prerequisites for the business courses listed. In some cases, students may complete a tutorial to satisfy a prerequisite. Please check with the Maine Business School for more details.
The anchor course for the 15 credits of engineering courses is GEE 486 Advanced Project Management (3 This is a required core competence as engineers move into management positions. The remaining 12 credits of engineering courses would focus on the student’s engineering discipline.
With permission, other courses may be substituted for those listed for a track. Prior graduate courses that have been taken by students will be considered on a case by case basis. Students must complete an additional 12 credits of approved advanced engineering courses and 9 credits of approved business or economics courses.

For BUA course registration, contact:

Jacqueline Blackwell
Administrative Specialist CL2
Graduate ProgramsMaine Business School
DP Corbett Room 209

Educational Objectives

  • Increased technical knowledge in the student’s area of engineering practice.
  • Meet the education requirements to become a Project Management Professional as certified by the project Management Institute.
  • Enhanced personnel and financial management skills.
  • Technical and management skills that are integrated with the needs of their employers.
  • Increased potential for career advancement.

Background: Professional Science Masters (PSM) degree in Engineering and Business consists of 15 credits of engineering courses, nine credits of business courses, and six credits of applied field experience.

The nine credits of business/economics courses (courses number 400 or above) can be approved by your advisor. Courses that count toward the nine credits without need for advisor approval include the following on-line courses:

  • BUA 400 Introduction to Accounting
  • BUA 561 Knowledge Management and Decision Support Systems
  • BUA 601 Statistical Analysis and Modeling for Organizational Operations
  • BUA 605 Creating & Capturing Value in the Digital Economy
  • BUA 609 Financial Statement Analysis
  • BUA 620 Law, Business and Society
  • BUA 626 Management of Contemporary Organizations
  • BUA 645 Selected Advanced Topics in Business Administration: Topic Climate Change Business and Policy
  • BUA 651 Financial Management
  • ECO 410 Accelerated Introductory Economics